Pi LLC executes ideas and dreams into well developed brands

New Concept Development

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Bringing your vision and functionality to an equal balance. We help you in all aspects of your new restaurant concept.

Site Selection

Kitchen Design

Equipment Procurement

Market Layout

Brand Development

Restaurant Technology



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Existing Concept Overhaul

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Pi LLC brands itself as a “Full Circle” Restaurant Consulting Firm because we believe that  it takes a continuous balance of all the key departments of a restaurant to ensure a successful and profitable business.  



Start with an evaluation of the current model then we offer technology recommendations to help streamline your operations and marketing.

We will find the best solutions for your restaurant technology needs. From POS to loyalty plans everyone’s business needs are completely different. We leverage our buying power and our vendor relationships to get you the best deals possible. 

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Food is the heart and soul of a great restaurant. Let us develop or restructure your current menu to increase profits and stay current with trends. We will develop a menu based on your brand, trends, seasonality and desired profit margins.  We will train your culinary staff about modern techniques, sanitation and work with them on developing great vendor relations and the correct purchasing practices.

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Front of The House

It’s all about the little details. The face of your business is the first introduction to your brand. From the minute the customer enters the building there should a concise delivery of the brand delivered by the front of house staff. We will develop a training manual for your Front of House Staff based on the necessary script for your concept.

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Don’t just throw darts at a target blindfolded. We will help develop your brand, determine your target demographic and make calculated decisioins with a yearly marketing calendar. We will make recommendations on food photography, Social Media, public image, event promotion, marketing plan and website development.