Business & Restaurant Brokering In Connecticut

Selling a Restaurant? Deal with people that understand the Business!

Selling a Business

Looking to retire and get the most for years of hard work and establishing your brand?

If you want to sell for any reason – retirement, career change, cash out, partnership dispute, business just not working, we can help sell your restaurant! We will help guide you through the process and provide you with the proper business evaluation. 

 Let us help you find qualified buyers and not get hounded by tire kickers or the competition seeing who’s for sale.

We will filter all the potential buyers to make sure they have serious interest, the funds to make the purchase, the knowledge to continue your legacy and do so confidentially. Not only do we have our buyers sign agreements but they need to get past our interview process as well.
 We will work to match up your business with a qualified and experienced buyer that is ready to continue your brand success.

We will offer unmatched marketing!

We will list your business on all the major sites like BizBuySell, but we go beyond that! We have thousands of industry professionals in our facebook groups that are company admins. We have email lists of local buyers in that match your business. We also are able to target new buyers on google and other search sites and display ads to them driving them to your listing. 


A: We charge a 10% fee on the final sale of the business. We only charge you if we sell the business.
A: We will require at least 3 years financials and determine the average net profit of the business. We will evaluate the current state of the restaurant and the contents. We will evaluate the local market and the reputation of the existing business. We will also take into consideration the potential for growth in the space and the current market.
A: We have all our buyers sign a Confidentiality Agreement. After they have signed the agreement, we also interview them to see if they qualify to run restaurant, discuss funds and define what the criteria they are looking for in a business. If after the initial interview we have determined the buyer is a match we will then disclose the restaurant name and location. We reiterate that they are not to discuss this information publicly or to look suspicious and ask questions to the employees if they make a visit.
A: Most of our agreements are a minimum of 6 months. In some markets deals are made very quickly while others can take some time. We will be in contact with you regarding the level of interest on your business and we may change the descriptions over time.
A: We promote your listing on Bizbuysell.com and Bizquest.com. We also share with over 10,000 contacts on Linkedin.com. We post into our Connecticut Facebook Groups: Connecticut Restaurant & Hospitality and Connecticut Business for Sale. We will also send out targeted emails to previous qualified buyers that have interest in your area.

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